“I am writing to confess that our school just can't get enough of you.  As we draft plans for next year’s media literacy, we are hoping we might be able to convince you to come lead the introduction for our annual media education program yet again.  Every year, for five years, your presentation lays such a critical foundation and gets the whole community fired up and ready for more.  Would you come and do the same type of thing again.”

"Having never seen you, my staff was a little nervous, and I was hoping that you would be good. My team was pleasantly surprised to see all 400 kids give you a standing ovation. High school students just don't do that these days."  

 “Thank you for the training you did with our students. I am amazed that one person could do a seven-hour prevention workshop with 250 high school students and receive a standing ovation at the end.  The student evaluations compliment your high energy, embracing not only the content, but your manner.  Many students said you were the first adult who talked with them about drugs, smoking, violence and sex without being condescending or making them feel threatened or offended. And, your day-long presentation to over 150 community adults the next day was equally well received. Thank you again.”

[Many more testimonials and names and reference contacts available on request.]     

Presentation topics include:

Let’s Do Media Education (standard refined,entertaining, educational and motivaltional multimedia talk which can be targeted toward any group)

Classroom Media Literacy: What the Research says Works

Learning to Love Citizenship: Civics on Steroids

Understanding Media: The Nuances the Media Do no Tell

The New Censor is not a Strutting Dictator

Skills for a New Media Age

Health, Wealth and Success with Media Literacy

Media Monopoly Affects Us All: Taking the Blinders Off

How to Learn About Culture, Save the World, and Have Fun.

Reversing Addiction in Our Mediated Culture

Media Literacy for Health

Teaching Media Issues in an Era of Globalism

In the last 15 years, Bob has delivered over 1,000 multimedia presentations, workshops, in-services and keynotes for more than 50,000 people, nationally and internationally. He is known for his scholarly, yet inspirational approach to teaching skills, issues and solutions.  His fast-paced multimedia presentations are motivational, informative, and fun.

VIDEO: (Click on a title to view)
1. Bob presenting to a High School
2. Free Press plenary: "Apathy into Activism: two of ten suggestions"
3. Bob talks to San Francisco Activists
4. KRQE 1
5. KRQE 2
6. NBC 1
7. NBC 2
8. CNN

What can Bob McCannon do for you?

Speaker: Bob has keynoted at over 200 education, media, history, health, social studies, communication and technology conferences. His multimedia shows are so engaging, informative and entertaining that many groups outside the media field ask him to speak. He speaks on dozens of media-related subjects. Contact Bob for topics and references. Here Bob keynotes a conference.

Workshops: Bob is a naturally gifted teacher who has succeeded at MS, HS and graduate school. He has run hundreds of workshops. Over 1060 people have taken his intensive four-day trainings which are limited to 30.

He has done workshops in 45 states, from Seattle to San Francisco to Tampa to Burlington and in many other countries. Contact him for topics and references. Here he is pictured with Jane Fonda, who took his two-day workshop. He has done five events for Jane's group.

Presentations: Bob has done thousands of presentations--everything from Rotary clubs to school assemblies for all grades. He has been to many organizations, groups and schools repeatedly, working, for example, with the American Academy of Pediatrics dozens of times.

Only 33 presenters were invited to the 2005 Free Press Conference in St. Louis which attracted 2500 media reformers. Despite Bob’s bad case of the flu, Bob and Rob Williams’s “Apathy into Activism” talk was ranked 2rd by the attendees. Bob's portion of the talk can be heard in the video section of this website labeled "Free Press plenary: Apathy into Activism: two of ten

Bob has held kids enthralled after their principals warned him that the kids were "uncontrollable." Here Bob keynotes in Birmingham.

Bob has been invited to Anchorage five times. Contact Bob for topics and references.

Bob has been invited to NYC eleven times. Contact Bob for topics and references.